Try to give an explaination of Subconcious according to the Freudian theories.

Which are the main differences between Freud and Jung theories?

Think about other novels to which Freudian theories can be applied.

Which literary/artistic movement of the 20th century was deeply influenced by the Freudian theories?


What is Surrealism?

When did the movement originate? How?

What major visual artists were involved in the movement?

What, generally, influenced this art movement? 

What are some contemporary artists who create art in the Surrealist style?

Include at least six art works, representing at least two Surrealist artists, in your presentation.


Try to examine the motif of the double during the 20th century and make comparisons between the characteristics of the theme explored in the literary works of the previous century. Can you identify some similarities and/or differences?

Duplicity in our modern world: is it also a characteristic typical of our century? Why? 

Is there a female literature about the double?