About Us

Welcome to our webnode site! We are a group of English teachers and we hope you will enjoy these sections about the theme of the double in English literature, art and philosophy. Our goal is to offer an innovative way of approaching traditional subjects and topics using new technologies and media. 


History of project

Our blog was created by the desire to provide an innovative and fresh approach to some trditional school subjects like English literature, art and philosophy. The majority of students tend to consider traditional subjects extremely boring, so our main goal was to arouse interest and passion through the exploitation of new technologies, whose advantages are innumerable. New technologies, in fact, offer a unique resource for teachers of English as a foreign language. They represent a gold mine for the language learners, who can practice in all four basic linguistic skills: writing, reading, listening and speaking. Our blog allows to develop all the four skills as the section "Activities and Tasks" testifies.

Our users

Our blog is directed to all types of students, especially those of secondary school, who want to experience a new way of studying traditional subjects. Here students have the opportunity to interact, exchange opinions and ideas with their peers thanks to the section "Forum", and leading educational activities in depth on the contents of the blog thanks to the section "Activities and Tasks". However, this blog could be also a source of inspiration for other teachers who want to experience an innovative and modern way of teaching.